Air Purifier

Nowadays air purifier requirement is increasing demand in addition to ventilation of rooms. In adequate ventilated rooms or rooms without ventilation requires also cleaning of air. For this purpose, air purifiers have entered as an important equipment into our daily life and living areas.

Ventilation is not required only to   create   a safe   and healthy ambient in a room, actually it is must action nowadays. Air purifier systems can be equipped with the ventilation systems or can be used as independent equipment.

BTS AIR purifier have been designed and manufactured for indoor use only without connecting to any other ventilation equipment.

BTS AIR purifier catch and dispose bacteria, virus, mold, fungal and similar microorganisms through HEPA filters and special disinfection systems equipped inside the units.

Effectiveness of the air purifiers depends on technology they have, but also room size and air change cycle which air cleaner can do is important points.

Correctly selected BTS AIR purifier can be used safely and effectively to create a health ambient in the room.


·     High Efficient Multiple Filter System (F7 + HEPA 14)

·     High Efficient Air Cleaning Capacity

·     Viruses, microorganisms, dust particles are kept inside the unit with % 99,995 efficiency and they are disposed with a heat source.

·     With the high air flow capacity, high air circulation inside the room

·     High Efficiency with EC Plug Fan

·     Adjustable 4 Stage Air Flow Capacity with the Control Unit

Application Places

·     Cafe and restaurants        

·     Banks and post offices

·     Sport Halls & Gyms

·     Offices

·     Hospitals

·     Supermarkets & Shops & Stores

·     Shopping Malls

·     Meeting Rooms

·     Museums

·     Libraries

·     Schools

·     Hotels